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tonight [Saturday
February 24th 2007]
was alot of fun, i miss nights like this :)

we played a really really really small show at grand canyon university and it was free, with free food and free drinks. it was alot of fun.

kailee and i danced behind stage during anarbor and that was some of the most fun ever, it sounds kind of lame but it was some of the most fun i've had in a while.

plus afterward we (rodney, brian, brett, steve, chris, kailee, courtney, britanny, trevor, sarah and i) went to ihop and we all sort of goofed around for a while.

i want more nights like this!!
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Head Automatica [Wednesday
July 5th 2006]
[ mood | blank ]

Well.. It has been a month since i've updated my livejournal and i just read alot of my past entries. like from 8th grade haha. my life rocks! i think i will continue to update in it so i can look back on it when i am lke 35, except for it only keeps 100 entries and this will be my 102nd entry so i think i am going to make a new one just to keep all of the stuff i've wrritten previously..

well anyways let me update you on wahts been going down. if you couldn't tell by my last entry i went to missouri for five days and it was great i love planes, i was really scared on 6/6/06 because i was scared the world was going to end, but very obviously it didn't.

and then when i got back the band in case no one knows because i haven't mentioned it yet, Yellow, The Vertical. recorded two demo songs so feel free to check 'em out ya know www.myspace.com/yellowthevertical

hmmmm i am trying to sum up june until now...

it's been alot of fun and very uneventful but thats how summer goes. i need a job soooper bad!

today kailee and i went out to lunch at chili's and it was really good, i was full!

cheesecake rocks!

see ya!

Jordan Campell : The Latter Days


oh my g! [Saturday
June 3rd 2006]
we goin' 'souri fi' day'

tsoaf [Tuesday
May 30th 2006]
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May 26th 2006]
today is rochelle and my one year anniversary!
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weird [Thursday
May 18th 2006]
seeing eric on tv was really weird, definitely the strangest thing thats ever happened to me.
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April 29th 2006]
prom was fricking sweeter than all heck. i looked smokin' hot as did kailee.
but i am pretty sure kailee and i are the worlds worst dancers.
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April 27th 2006]
hey, i dont know what to write about. everything has been either up or down lately there is no in between, school is really good and really quite terrible i never manage to get straight c's its always like cool an a and a b, and two ds and an f, i think all the should average out to a c average you know. prom is tomorrow and i am gonna look smokin' hott, as always. regardless that i got my hair butchered by ashley c., i mean i dont understand what was going through this womans mind when i said. yeah "DONT GIVE ME A BOB OR A BOWL CUT AND DONT MAKE MY LATERS ALL BOXY, BASICALLY NOT A HELMET!" and thats exactly what i get.

what a whore.
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March 29th 2006]
i love you with everything i am.
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February 20th 2006]
i love my life, this weekend has been an incredible breath of fresh air for me. most weekkends i spend countless amount of time in bertha following random people and bloodfesting, but this weeekend has been more chill and i have been just sort of thinking about my life. i watched waiting on friday with my mom, kailee, and halfhuman. we also went to the mall and got panda express while my mom pointed out who was a good scene and who was a bad scene. on saturday me and kailee celebrated valentines day by renting saw II and making a pizza, we tried to eat pizza on my roof which didnt work out too great but while we were up there we managed to witness fireworks going on across the street or at least a few miles down which is a bit romantic and cliche at the same time. none the less it was really cool and fun, i drove her home ecause my mom was at a bachelorette party and said she had taken both sets of keys to the car when it was obvious she didn't. and tonight i was going to go to the honorary title but couldn't find a ride which sucks vecauyse i was looking forward to them for so long now. i ended up going to american apparel with my dad(it was kind of embarasssing on the hog at first, but i got used to it) and i got like four shirts, seriously american apparel is the greatest clothing company around. i might get a job at starbucks in barnes & noble and if i get that job i am gonna save up for a car and then get a job at american apparel. anyways, tonight i watched saw II again with eric sarah kailee and my mom and then they all went home and trevor, jon, adam, and leanne stopped by. it made me pretty happy because i was beggining to feel like it didn't make a difference whether i was hanging out with evefryone or not so that helped reassure me. i ran out and hopped in the van and we drove off, but it was like 11 30 and my mom wasnt sleeping so she found out instantly and i just sort of went back home.
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February 18th 2006]
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February 8th 2006]
i have been searching for a reason to update my livejournal lately and i found something worth telling the world:

i, Jordan Wesley Campell, passed my graduated drivers permit test!!

i speak no lies!

well i guess third times really a charm. four months late isn't that bad either!

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February 5th 2006]

jordan and I are _______.
jordan is _________.
jordan isn't ________.
jordan makes me feel ________.
one thing that I like about jordan is ________.
if i could change one thing about jordan i would ________.
jordan should ________.
if jordan were a color, he would be ________.
if jordan were an animal, he would be ________.
if jordan were a candy, he would be ________.
if jordan were a song, he would be ________.
it creeps me out when jordan ________.
if i could be with jordan right now, I would ________.
if i could give jordan one thing, it would be ________.
sometimes, when I think of jordan I ________.
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January 30th 2006]
Sacrifice your life for your friends.
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January 22nd 2006]
and please excuse me if i fumble my words cause i'm not to good at this expressing my hapiness for a god damn girl
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long time.. [Tuesday
January 10th 2006]
[ mood | Crying for the first time in a ]

I, right now, have the most disgusting tightening knot in my stomache. Unlike anything I've ever felt, worse than any break-up, and death, or any friend moving. Man I need to hit the bar and get me some good ol' Canda Dry Ginger Ale.

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December 28th 2005]

December 15th 2005]
yeah, a year ago today.
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December 13th 2005]
jake adams, 16, what a menace
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EMO ! [Sunday
December 11th 2005]
i really wish that i had this amazing girl that i could just like cuddle in my room with my christmas lights and listen to death cab for cutie, and we could just like get lost in eachothers eyes. i wonder if i'll ever be happy like that again...
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